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MPPT Solar charger SOL-1 (night)


About SOL-1:    
- automatically 12V solar panel input - charging 12V or 24V
- MPPT controlle allows charging
Application: offgrid with 12V or 24V batteries
- standard 12V solra panel input
- charging 12V or 24V batteries (automatically)
- suitable for gel_AGM type batteries or conventional wet Pb-acid batteries
- MPPT (Maximal Power Point Tracking) to get up to 35% more out fo your solar panel
- useful for up to 100Wp solar panels, maximum 6A charging current
- built-in polarity tester for easy commissioning
- End of charge detection for 12V type batteries
- End of charge detection for 24V type batteries
  Installation and commissioning:
  -The flanged baseplate of the housing and the built-in polarity tester simplify the installation and commissioning just by utilization of screwdriver – no need for any further measurement equipment.
  - A LED indicates during commissioning the correct polarity of battery and solar panel. During operation of the SOL-1 the LED indicates the activity of the MPP tracker or a „battery full“ condition
  Technical data:
Solar panel:
12V type up to 100W
Charging current:
max. 6A
Battery voltage:
12V or 24V
125 x 80 x 50 mm
Weight: ca. 300 g
Installation and commissioning: Battery charger with built-in MPPT, users manual
  99,99€ incl.VAT excl shipping on stock

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