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MPPT SOLAR charger SOL-1 (night)

99,99€ incl. VAT excl shipping  
sol1 EMPO-NI SOLmini Technologie Made in Germany  
About SOL-1:    
- automatically 12V solar panel input - charging 12V or 24V  
- MPPT controlle allows charging  
- with streetlight controlle funktion in 24V mode pre-programmed  
Application: offgrid with 12V or 24V batteries
MPPT SOL-1-Flyer download Functions:
- standard 12V solar panel input
- charging 12V or 24V batteries (automatically)
- suitable for gel_AGM type batteries or conventional wet Pb-acid batteries
- MPPT (Maximal Power Point Tracking) to get up to 35% more out fo your solar panel
- useful for up to 100Wp solar panels, maximum 6A charging current
- built-in polarity tester for easy commissioning
- End of charge detection for 12V type batteries
- End of charge detection for 24V type batteries
Installation and commissioning:
The flanged baseplate of the housing and the built-in polarity tester simplify the installation and commissioning just by utilization of screwdriver – no need for any further measurement equipment.
  - A LED indicates during commissioning the correct polarity of battery and solar panel. During operation of the SOL-1 the LED indicates the activity of the MPP tracker or a „battery full“ condition
  Technical data:
12V type up to 100W
Charging current:
max. 6A
Battery voltage:
12V or 24V
125 x 80 x 50 mm
Weight: ca. 300 g
Installation and commissioning: Battery charger with built-in MPPT, users manual
SOLAR PANEL integrated solar charger SOLmini
sol-1 EMPO-NI SOLmini Technologie Made in Germany
About SOLmini:    
- stand alone solar system  
- includet panel and charger

Applications: stand alone power supply 12V or 24V solar panels.To connect your accumulator through a protective fuse

Operation conditions of integrated battery charger / controller 12V- 5W up to 40W:
Characteristics 12V-5W 12V-15W 12V-25W 12-40W
Battery voltage: 10,5V ... 14,4V dito dito dito
Temperature range:
-20°C ... + 85°C
dito dito dito
Recommended fuse:
ca. 2,5 Ampere ca. 2,5 Ampere ca. 4 Ampere
Protection class:
dito dito dito
Maximum charge current : 0,29A 0,86A 1,45A ca. 2,3A
Integrated over charge protection
Parallel connection with other units possible.
SOLmini -Flyer download Specifications solar panels 12V- 5W up to40 Watt
Rated power
15Watt 25Watt 40Watt
Solar panel:
polykristallin monokristallin polykristallin
Short Circuit Current (Isc):
0,98A 1,78A 2,68A
Aluminum profile
Cable length:
2 x ca 50cm GZX connector water-proof with double rubber sealing
Dimensions in mm
465x250x20 434x552 x23 646 x460 x25
Weight: ca 1 kg ca 1,54kg ca 3,5 kg ca 3,8 kg
Stable surface, soil-repellant.
The aluminium profile employs mounting holes at the back side of the frame.
ATTENTION!: If your need additional connectors for your solar panel, please cheсk out the special offers and tell us your requirement.
  SOLmini12V-5Watt SOLmini12V-15Watt SOLmini12V-40Watt
  solmini12v-5W 15Watt 40Watt
incl. VAT excl shipping incl. VAT excl shipping i incl. VAT excl shipping
Universal EMPOwerBOX
solmini EMPO-NI SOLmini Technologie Made in Germany
About EMPOwerbox:    
- a versatile power supply unit featuring  
-consist of plastic case with connectors, batteries of gel/AGM technologie, solar panel and charger

Application: stand alone power supply 12V or 24V solar panels.

Parametr / Modell EMPOwer-14,4Ah-12V EMPOwer-14,4Ah-12V-USB EMPOwer-48Ah-12V
12V/14,4Ah AGM
12V/14,4Ah AGM 12V/48Ah AGM
10-12 years
10-12 years 10-12years
Car style socket
12V 12V
USB 5V/500mA
Integrated inverter X X X

Under voltage detection

Battery detection
Solar panel encluded SOLmini-15W-12V SOLmini-15W-12V SOLmini-40W-12V
Cable 5m 5m 5m
249,60€ 279,00€ 495,00€

incl. VAT excl shipping

incl. VAT excl shipping incl. VAT excl shipping
6 - 8 weeks 6 - 8 weeks 6 - 8 weeks
EMPOwerBox -Flyer download
GZX Connectors Cable extensions 5m Cable extensions 10m Battery adaptor 2,5m
This is the profesional solution: These connectors lock with a "click" to their mates at the "EMPO-NI" solar panel with built-in SOLmini technology. Then the connection is efficiently protected from water by the double gasket. These cable extensions underline the professional character of "EMPO-NI" solar panels with integrated solar battery charger SOLmini. At both ends of the TUV approved 5.7mm thick black UV- resistant solar cable there is one matching male / female connector for the perfect extension of the SOLmini plugs. For car, motorbike.With UV-proof solar cable connects your SOLmini professionally (red "+", black "-". Pair.
stecker 5m 10m akku
€ 1,99 per pcs incl. VAT excl shipping €11,99 per pcs incl. VAT excl shipping € 22,99 per pcs incl. VAT excl shipping € 16,99 per pcs incl. VAT excl shipping
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